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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
John indeed is outstanding.

This band should've been huge.
Nah, Armored Saint are too great for millions of Americans to ever appreciate. It's not that they weren't good enough for America, it's that America wasn't good enough for them. Why they didn't become huge in Europe like Manowar is I'll never know though.

Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
that sounds like a great time! why so many covers by the Saint tho? that THIN LIZZY one musta really jammed
The covers were all songs that were originally released on Metal Blade. Hit the Lights was on the Metal Massacre comp, Die by the Sword was from Show Now Mercy which came out on Metal Blade and I think Metal Blade reissued Renegade, which Hollywood is off of, at some point in the '90s. Considering they played a longer than usual setlist with a ton of relatively rare songs, I'm more than happy.

Oh and brutal, Brian Slagel is the founder of Metal Blade, not a member of Sacred Reich.
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