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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
That would be awesome. So far they are only planning some one off shows and a small tour with Gravehill in March. The tour dates are tentative, but they're not doing any Texas shows. I'm going to be at the Anaheim show for sure.

Jan 12 Brooklyn
Feb 16 Chicago

Mar 8 Tennessee
Mar 9 Oklahoma
Mar 10 Arizona
Mar 11 Los Angeles
Mar 12 Anaheim
Mar 13 San Francisco
Mar 14 Utah
Mar 15 Denver
Mar 16 St. Louis
Do you perhaps have a link for the dates? More specifically, the Chicago date. I keep hearing about it and can't find any information on it.
10/9 Pentagram
10/13 Weekend Nachos and Pseudogod
10/16 Cave State
10/21 Black Tongue ?
10/23-24 Autopsy
10/26 Title Fight
10/29 Yob
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