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Armored Saint -- Hollywood, CA -- November 30th, 2012

This was the Metal Blade Records 30th Anniversary show. Gypsyhawk opened and were fun enough.

Sacred Reich was next and here is their marathon setlist.

1. Ignorance
2. War Pigs (Black Sabbath cover)
3. The American Way

Yup only three songs. Brian Slagel later apologized for the short set and said that he tried to get them to play for longer but the band insisted on only three songs. Laaaaaame.

Armored Saint came out dressed up in their classic 80s outfits. Phil and Gonzo had battle armor, John and Joey wore wigs and had denim vests. It was goofy yet kind of amazing, probably the closest thing to seeing them 30 years ago we'll ever get. Hell, seeing John Bush in person wearing a denim vest and having a full shock of brown hair was a total mindfuck, yet it was so cool. After March of the Saint they took off the costumes and played the rest of the set as normal. Throughout the set they incorporated covers with guests. Johan Hegg tore it up on Hit the Lights (apparently a couple Metallidudes wre up in the VIP balcony), hearing Ray Alder on Die by the Sword was surprisingly cool and Dug wailed on Hollywood. They also brought out a three year old to help sing Can U Deliver. It was fucking adorable and also metal as fuck. They also invited Doug, Brian Slagel to help sing background vocals on Madhouse and also Bernie from Redemption who had also guested on Hit the Lights earlier. Awesome set as I expected, and I got to hear 8 Armored Saint songs that I didn't get two years ago! John also sounded outstanding.

1. Lesson Well Learned
2. March of the Saint
3. Left Hook from Right Field
4. Long Before I Die
5. Control Issues (live debut)
6. Hit the lights (Metallica cover W/ Johan hegg and Bernie Versailles)
7. Human Vulture
8. Dropping Like Flies
9. Die by the Sword (Slayer cover W/ Ray Alder and Juan Garcia)
10. Little Monkey
11. Can U Deliver W/ little kid
12. Chemical Euphoria
13. Aftermath
14. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) (Thin Lizzy cover W/ Nick from Redemption and Doug Pinnick and Eric from Gypsyhawk)
15. Reign of Fire
16. Madhouse W/ Bernie, Doug, and Brian Slagel

Oh and Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson emcee'd and were total tools. Also if a mod can tack on a comma to the thread title that would be great, sorry about the error.

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