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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
>Animals as Leaders
>The Faceless
>After the Burial
>Born of Osiris
>Stick to Your Guns
>Veil of Maya
>Stray From the Path
>The HAARP Machine
I'll give you Animals as Leaders. I haven't heard Stick to Your Guns, Structures, Stray From the path, TRAM, or HAARP Machine, but I have heard The Faceless, BoO, and After the Burial and they aren't my cup of tea. Of course, I'm an old school guy. I fully admit that I just don't get deathcore. At all. Of course, people who were my age now in back in the day were probably like, "Overkill? Fuck that shit!" So I get it. I'm an old out of touch fart. And I'm cool with that.
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