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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Lagrangian dynamics? That sounds fucking horrible, all I remember is Lagrange multipliers being a giant pain in the ass during multi-variable calc.

I didn't know we had so many engineers on here, that's pretty cool!
Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics are really easy! It takes Newton's Laws of motion and makes it way fucking easy. For instance, if you wanted the equation of motion for an object using Newton's Laws, you would have to figure out all the different types of forces acting upon the object, which could be a LOT, and then create the Differential Equation for it. For Lagrangian dynamics, you just find the Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy of an object, then subtract the potential from the kinetic and take a derivative of that equation with respect to whats moving and also a derivative of the equation with respect to the time derivative of whats moving and set them equal to each other. It create the same Differential Equation that Newton's Laws would have given you, just a lot easier.

Also, I'm just a physics major, but its close enough haha
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