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The last day of November, NOVEMBERS DOOM! Now it's time to reveal the VITAL REMAINS of BARGE TO HELL, The World's Most Extreme Metal Cruise! But first, we have to clear up some confusion. We all know that NECRONOMICON are on board. But which one? Both! The Germans and the Canadians!

Traditionally, we also want to give some young hopefuls a stage. Please welcome: ABIOTIC, ZANTHROPYA EX, and DARK SERMON!

However, we also have some bad news. Due to an unlucky scheduling conflict with their studio and needing to have their new album delivered in time, SIX FEET UNDER will unfortunately not be joining us on board.

But that can't be all, can it? Of course not! There must be one last treat. A treat of evil witchcraft: Please welcome BRUJERIA!

There is not much time left, book NOW or you will miss the boat!
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