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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I just looked up Firebird on wiki and found out they broke up last year. I just looked up Gentlemens Pistols and they're ok, but Firebird is way too good to have called it a day. When Carcass announced they were coming back to the states, I was kind of bummed that I had to see Bill perform that way instead of as the front man of Firebird. I want to see them live so bad.
I got to see them twice and they were fantastic both times. One was a TINY headlining warm-up show for the last time they played Roadburn (Wounded Kings and Trippy Wicked supporting), and one was opening for Graveyard. They just didn't tour often enough. At the very least they should have been touring the UK relentlessly to get their profile up, but they didn't. I guess having members living in Sweden etc. didn't help.

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