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Originally Posted by Skyline Chili Buoy View Post
I do follow you on twitter because I know once you've posted something, generally there is good discussion about the topic. If you are going to scoop tidbits of information from here, why are you not giving appropriate attribution on your Facebook? Instead you ask for people to cite you as the source of information. It's not as though the poster who mentioned the new information is a top secret source.
If anyone from here wants recognition for anything they have posted all they have to do is let me know. Basically the info posted here was vague to a certain extent. Did I take it and run with it? Yeah. Sort of like several sites have done with some of my news (such as the Hatebreed/Shadows Fall tour for example) and I have done it back.

And as for Detuned, if you want the thing removed, just ask me. I'll remove it if it is that big of a deal to you. If not it will stay. Quit stalking my posts trying stir up trouble with me. If you don't like me, my posts, etc use the ignore poster feature on the site. If not I will fire right back at ya
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