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The Faceless -- Kansas City, MO -- November 29th, 2012

More in depth review coming later.

The HAARP Machine:
Esoteric Agenda
Pleidean Keys
Extension to One
The Escapist Notion

I'm not a huge fan of the album, but HAARP Machine were really damn good live. The only bad thing was you could barely hear Mike Semesky's voice, he was way too low in the mix. There's really not much to say, Al 'Mumin was spot on, everything sounded good. I think they played Machine Over, but I'd have to listen to the album again to be sure.

*now I'm 90% sure it was Extension to One*

Dismantle the Dictator
Maniacally Unleashed
Bound by Desire
Conjuring the Cataclysm
No Funeral
Leviathan Awaits
Empire of the Obscene

Revocation came on to wipe the floor with The HAARP Machine. Not very surprising, since Revocation is one of the best bands around today. I was pretty satisfied with their set, I just wished they played The Grip Tightens. The entire crowd was pretty rowdy, which I'll address later (when I get on a computer).

The Faceless:
Shape Shifters/Coldy Calculated Design
Ten Billion Years
Accelerated Evolution
Legion of the Serpent
Hail Science/Hymn of Sanity
Planetary Duality 1 & 2
An Autopsy
The Ancient Covenant

Now The Faceless come on stage. Having never seen them before, I was expecting a lot, and was completely satisfied. Only disappointing thing is they didn't play the whole Autotheist Movement, even though I know that isn't a realistic expectation. The set was pretty killer, all the new stuff goes over really well live. Geoffrey Ficco also seems to care about the band and has stage presence, unlike Demon Carcass (judging from live vids). Keene also pulled off the vocals well.

Now this being my first time at the Beaumont Club, I didn't know what to expect. All I can say is they need a new PA. There's no reason that Mike Semesky shouldn't have been audible. They claimed he was up as high as the input would go, but I'm pretty sure that's bullshit.

As far as moshing....I'm all for it. That's obviously a part of metal. But there's a fine line between being an asshole about it and having fun. If people are clearly not moshing, quit deliberately running full speed into them. I wasn't even moshing, and I have bruises all over the place because some assholes think it's fun to ruin other people's time. Some kid in an All Shall Perish shirt was the big offender on this, and everybody was noticing. Eventually some guy I was standing next to grabbed the kid and started throwing him around. He ended up breaking the kid's ankle. I don't think it was on purpose, but I don't feel bad for the kid, he deserved it.

Not to mention some of the karate in the pit. Because that makes you cool.

Other than that, good show.

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