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The opening night of the Clockwork Angels tour
An Evening With Rush
Date: Friday, September 7th
Venue: Verizon Wireless Arena
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Attendance: Not completely sold out, but damn close to it. I'd estimate it at around 9,500.
Ticket cost: $96.00

Aside from Rush being Rush, I gave this spot #1 because, up until this point, I had never been to the opening night of a tour. It's so much more exciting not knowing what you're going to get on the setlist. Especially from a band like Rush. After this show on my original thread, a ton of people bitched & moaned about the lack of 70s material and heavily leaning on the 80s material. Unless they detune everything (like they've been doing with 2112 the past few tours), you won't ever hear anything before Permanent Waves from Rush again. Geddy simply isn't comfortable singing that material anymore. I don't discriminate when it comes to Rush. I like a lot of the 80s stuff just as much as the 70s stuff, so I was jumping for joy at a lot of the selections on this glorious evening.

The Big Money (First time played since 2002)
Force Ten (First time played since 2004)
Grand Designs (First time played since 1986)
The Body Electric (First time played since 1985)
Territories (First time played since 1988)
The Analog Kid (First time played since 1994)
Bravado (First time played since 2004)
Where's My Thing? (First time played since 1992)
Drum Solo #1
Far Cry
Clockwork Angels (live debut)
The Anarchist (live debut)
Carnies (live debut)
The Wreckers (live debut)
Headlong Flight (live debut)
Drum Solo #2
Halo Effect (live debut)
Wish Them Well (live debut)
The Garden (live debut)
Manhattan Project (First time played since 1990)
Red Sector A (First time played since 2004)
Working Man
Tom Sawyer
The Spirit Of Radio

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