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I was at the show standing directly behind the sound/lighting booth or whatever. It was a great spot for this show. The sound there was good and LOUD ! And actually, I could hear Dave pretty well most of the night, except when it seemed he didn't sing right into the mic. Awesome seeing all those CTE songs! And I dug all the video as well!

Funny thing, and for future reference for those like me who are unaware, there are two lines to get into the Fillmore Charlotte. My friend got there before me and got into the left line. Well, after I got there and met him and both lines were waaay long, we found out it was for people who upgraded to VIP/fast lane entry. We were just going to go with it and see what happened, but then some guy came by telling everyone the line was for people who upgraded OR had AAA membership. I thought he was joking, like yeah, what about AARP membership too, but he was serious. And my friend just so happens to be nerdy/smart enough to have AAA membership. Great way to start the show!
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