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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
But the fact of other than Jim and Don wearing band t-shirts anything that isn't older metal or something that Eddie likes gets no attention.

I mean for fuck sake a band like Mastodon hasn't even been on that show and their quite big.
Marilyn Manson, Corey Taylor, and David Drainman have, unfortunately, been new guests on the show. They do have "new" artists, but they don't have the right new artists.

I absolutely agree Mastodon should be there, High On Fire as well. Matt Pike would be super entertaining. Part of the problem, is that Eddie Trunk has claimed that the show is on Vh1 Classic and should appeal to the classic crowd. I do agree, but I also think there should be exceptions to the rule.

The problem is when they do make exceptions it's all these awful nu-metal industrial metal bands that made people become super conservative toward the classics in the first place. People clung to classic metal because they hated Slipknot and Disturbed, not because they liked them.
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