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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Don't be a tool. Pretty much all of the bands in that book were awesome.

I can't stand metalcore/hardcore either. Death metal I do like, but I also recognize that it's not for everyone, as it should be. Most modern metal tv shows are littered with that garbage anyway. Anyone remember Mistress Juliya. I do think having a black/death metal artist once per season is a great idea. But "extreme music" as it's called should be the exception to the rule, not the status quo. That's the fucking problem with metal today, so many bands are atonal and overly deathy and have no appeal whatsoever. Status quo metal should have singing, guitar solos, and melody.
But the fact of other than Jim and Don wearing band t-shirts anything that isn't older metal or something that Eddie likes gets no attention.

I mean for fuck sake a band like Mastodon hasn't even been on that show and their quite big.
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