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Now on to the full lengths...

50. Evil Ways - Self-Titled

This is a hardcore band that JD posted about awhile back who has their album for free on Bandcamp. This band definitely listened to a lot of Slayer growing up as it shows heavily in their music. The song Evil Ways is a total Slayer tribute even complete with a scream in the begin that is reminiscent of the beginning of Angel of Death, not to mention a nod to Hell Awaits in the chorus. One thing that gets on my nerves about this release though is the clean vocals that pop up in a few songs. They can get a bit whiny which is one thing that I cannot stand with cleans.

Evil Ways - Evil Ways
Evil Ways - Forget the Rest

49. Beneath the Massacre - Incongruous

I've always really liked Beneath the Massacre's -core influenced approach to technical death metal and this album is no different. It brings the widdlys, so to speak. This album seems to be almost all about speed, whereas their last album, Dystopia, took it slow sometimes with a slow breakdown here and there. There are some pretty great solos scattered here and there throughout the album, such as the one in the song It. As with any album of its ilk, it can get pretty samey after awhile, but it's a great album if you want to get your adrenaline flowing.

Beneath the Massacre - Left Hand
Beneath the Massacre - Hopes

48. Abigail Williams - Becoming

As usual, Abigail Williams is back with a new album and completely changing their approach to black metal. This one shows them taking a more atmospheric approach a la Wolves in the Throne Room. Most of the songs contain a very dark and brooding atmosphere, but sometimes will venture in the more serene as in the mid-section of Radiance. Ken has furthered his vocal style to belt out some pretty tortured rasps which are great at furthering the mood. A downside of the record though is that the long length of some of the songs leads them to drag on at times and feel overlong.

Abigail Williams - Ascension Sickness
Abigail Williams - Radiance

47. If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest

Weirdly enough I didn't know these guys released a new album until I heard it played between bands at a Marduk show. Odd choice by the venue to say the least. Anyway, I've been exploring more into post-rock this past year and this is one of the bands that I find myself really enjoying. I like it when a band can mix heavier bits in with their soaring compositions and If These Trees Could Talk delivers in that respect. The music stays in the more serene, peaceful realm for the most part, but wanders into the heavier, faster bits often enough to satiate my metalhead sensibilities.

If These Trees Could Talk - Barren Lands of the Modern Dinosaur
If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest

46. Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

I heard of these guys a couple years ago when I saw them with Whitechapel and Cattle Decapitation, but never actually checked them out until I saw them this year with Black Cobra. That was definitely a mistake because these guys are great. I guess at the core they could be compared to the likes of Converge, but add a sludgy aesthetic to the music. This release shows a more controlled chaos then their previous effort and overall better in my eyes. Despite this, the best part of Gaza's music will always be when they open the flood gates and let the chaos flow out such as the into to The Truth Weighs Nothing which begins with a blitzkrieg of noise, but is soon reined in to a more controlled pace.

Gaza - Mostly Hair and Bones Now
Gaza - Winter in Her Blood
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