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This thread seems fun.

Deathcore threads: It feels like every other week I go one here and see that the top thread in the Misinfo and Propaganda is titled "OMG BEST TOUR EVA!!!" for a tour consisting of a few shitty deathcore bands that nobody has liked since the myspace era. It's not funny anymore, nobody actually cares except for dcmetal, just stop.

Mayhem Fest threads: Seriously, why is this a source of discussion year round? It's really not worth discussing because the lineup is shit every single year. I don't need Wolverine's super secret insider scoop to know the lineup is gonna be nothing but middle-school metal with maybe one or two good bands. Why can't we just wait til the lineup is actually announced to talk about the tour? Better tours than mayhem fest get announced every week.

Bands in general: I'm a little disappointed that we didn't have any massive disappointments from established metal artist this year. Last year we heard the already legendary blunders Lulu and Illud Divinum Insanus. I'm still laughing at those albums one year later. Sure some releases this year may have not lived up to our expectations but I was hoping we would get at least one really, really horrible album.
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