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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
I wouldn't say he was a terrible wrestler or even a terrible champion. He's easily one of the best promo guys out there, and the fact that he could work three personas is no small feat. I'm just saying the fact that Foley gets all credit for that bump is slightly ass backwards.
Foley gets all the credit because he took the most insane fall ever seen in mainstream wrestling. He gets so much praise because he had the balls to agree to do that. Not to mention he was OK with someone as strong as The Undertaker throwing him off. Taker benefited greatly from this as well, there was an "Undertaker" chant while Foley was being attended to. This was also the begining of Taker's slow heel turn that would finally come to pass by the end of that year. Him throwing Foley off the cell was the begining of Taker becoming more sadistic and evil. So, he did get something big out of that as well.

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
I would gladly have Steph back if it meant never hearing Vickie "I'm only here because my husband croaked" Guerrero's "EXCUSE ME!" ever again.
Yes, bring back Stephanie, she has my third or fourth favorite ass of all time in wrestling
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