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And I'm back....

201.) Adrenaline Mob- Omerta

When I first heard the EP, I was severely disappointed, now I am overall very happy with Adrenaline Mob. I'm not sure what really changed from the EP to the album, but something did and it's a hell of a lot better than I could have imagined. The Mike Portnoy/Russell Allen lead band is yes a very straight Hard Rock band with influences from bands like Disturbed, Black Label Society, etc but I think it was needed. A lot of Hard Rock bands on the radio today suck, plain and simple, this does not, although it is not on the radio. This is a very solid Hard Rock album, there's nothing more you could really ask for.


202.) Panopticon- Kentucky

Black Metal, Folk Metal, and.....BLUEGRASS? Yes you read that right. This album is a very strange combination for sure. When you think of Black Folk Metal you don't think of North American Bluegrass as well, until now. This album is just plain awesome. It is very damn original and not what you would expect, again something that has needed to happen in the genre for a while now. For a new spin on the genre, pick this up, it is so very damn good!


203.) Nachtmystium- Silencing Machine

Nachmystium has been the leaders in experimental Black Metal for a long time now. Whether it be their Psychedelic Days, or their Electronic areas. This is not boring Black Metal. This album in particular is all across the board covering the areas of Black Metal that some have never dared to do. Like Panopticon above this review, pick this one up for a new spin on Black Metal.


204.) Car Bomb- w^w^^w^w

What the Hell is this? IF The Dillinger Escape Plan went more in a Grindcore route rather than their current more mainstream sound, this would be Car Bomb. It's not boring by any stretch of the imagination. Grindcore, Mathcore and some odd breaks of Melodic Metal. It's not for the faint of heart, this is a brutal album.


205.) Exumer- Fire & Domination

Very cool Thrash Metal. When if first got this promo, I read it wrong and thought it was the new album from Exhumed, then I realized they weren't putting out an album this year. Upon listening I heard very Testament and Exodus inspired Thrash Metal. While not reinventing the wheel, it is very solid all the way though and a good dose of heavy Thrash.


206.) Devil Sold His Soul- Empire Of Light

Ambient Progressive Post Hardcore. That's my best description of it. I really don't like the screams (like almost all Post Hardcore) but the music is so damn good. If they ever made an instrumental version of this album it would be one of my favorite albums of the year. The clean vocals are very good though, I will give it that. If you can withstand Post Hardcore screams, I HIGHLY recommend this one, the music is too good to ignore.


207.) Star Monarchy- Volume I

This is a Progressive Metal project featuring guest appearances from Rody of Protest The Hero, Dan formerly for TesseracT, and Speed from Soilwork amongst others. This album runs the gambit for Progressive Metal. I am really surprised NO ONE has talked about this album, because it is a fantastic album. It's a very damn heavy Progressive Metal album (with some Djent in it at times) but don't ignore this one if you like Soilwork, Protest The Hero and TesseracT.


208.) Pallbearer- Sorrow And Extinction

This is a band that I predict will be taking over the Doom Metal world next year when they get the main support slot for the upcoming Enslaved tour. This is one of the finest Doom Metal albums in quite some time. Unlike a lot of Dom Metal, this doesn't feel like it drags on, it all feels natural and enjoyable, amongst the dark despair. Also the inclusion of Clean vocals makes this one stand out. Pick this one up if you want to hear some damn good Doom Metal.


209.) What the Blood Revealed- Harbour Of Devils

Post Rock with a lot of Metal thrown in as well. It almost feels like an instrumental A Perfect Circle album in some ways. While most of the album does have this vibe, it all works and flows very well together. While I have heard a lot of Post Rock this year, this one was put in the way side for a long time, now a I regret it because this is fantastic.


210.) Nile- At the Gates of Sethu

The best Nile album since Annihilation Of The Wicked. It is actually quite diverse, something I've been wanting for a long time. Don't get me wrong, it is still Nile, and it is still Technical Death Metal, but there is a lot more dynamics in the band that haven't been there in a while. I would actually recommend this album for anyone who wants to get into the band, It is a great album to get someone into the band. I am pleasently surprised!


211.) Vision Of Disorder- The Cursed Remain Cursed

One of my favorite Hardcore bands is back. What I have always loved about Vision OF Disorder is that they have so many dynamics to the band. It's much more than a Hardcore band. Hardcore bands of today could learn a HUGE listen from VOD. They really, really need to. Pick this one up for very dynamic and awesome Hardcore.


212.) Effloresce- Coma Ghosts

If you made Opeth into a Female Fronted band, they would be Effloresce. It is a very damn good Progressive Death Metal album. I wish Female fronted Metal bands could sound like this rather than ripping off Nightwish every chance they get. This is how it should sound. Heavy Opeth inspired Progressive Death Metal. Just the way I like it.


213.) Beardfish- The Void

It puzzles me so much how Beardfish are not as big as Dream Theater. They have everything that people could want in a Prog band. Heavy when it calls for it, Frank Zappa style quirks, 99% clean vocals (some of the earlier albums have growls, as does this album, but very sparingly), and the music itself.....DAMN! the Void in particular, is a good heavy groovin' Prog Rock album that will go over a lot of people's heads, and that is just not fair. I love these guys and you should too. pick this up immediately!


214.) Elvenking- Era

Almost all of the Folk Metal is out of this band and it is almost pure Power Metal at this point. This is one of the first bands I got into for Folk Metal and Power Metal, so I will always have a soft spot for them. I will say though that the album sometimes drags, but it is made up for it by the surprisingly amount of killer songs on it. Nothing groundbreaking, just awesome Power Metal. I love it.


215.) Tyrant Of Death- Re Connect

One of the two albums that came out from this project this year. This album is the equivalent of Meshuggah making an Industrial album. It's another example of a band that's awesome to listen to in small doses. Its a chaotic, yet dynamic album, and don't forget brutal as all hell. Check it out!


216.) Tyrant Of Death- Cyanide

haha, what are the odds the other Tyrant Of Death album would come up right after? Cyanide is a bit closer to the sound I am more familiar with. Still brutal as all Hell, but a lot more proggy and diverse. a lot of Electronica influence amongst the chaos. Normally I wouldn't be a fan of this combination, but the way it is used here. it's awesome. A great band people don't know about.


217.) Alice Through The Windshield Glass

Technical Deathcore that is awesome. I should note that I don't like normal "Brocore" kinda Deathcore. Where the riffs are easy enough for me to play, everything is breakdowns and pig squeals, it's boring! Music like this is up my alley because there is actually substance behind it. While yes, like Deathcore itself, I can only take so much of it before I wanna hear something else, it is killer stuff.


218.) Jodis- Black Curtain

Anyone miss Isis as much as I do....well this won't tide you over for a return. Aaron Turner of Isis made this project to focus on the Ambient and Drone side to Isis, and well, I do love it sometimes, I wish there was more to it. REAL Drone fans will love this album to Death for me. I was hoping for a bit more. I'm hoping Aaron does some other projects besides this to keep me preoccupied over the loss of Isis.


219.) Kamelot- Silverthorn

Tommy from Seventh Wonder is now in Kamelot (and THANKFULLY still in Seventh Wonder). I never would have imagined he would sound so much like Roy Kahn, which is not a bad thing at all. I've never been a big Kamelot albums because I started with Ghost Opera and was let down after the first 2 songs and the albums after that kept that up that tradition. This album though I can actually enjoy all the way through (something that is a first for me....yes I know about the early Kamelot material, I have it). Tommy is the man for the job to make this band even better than before. Huge kudos!.....AND CHECK OUT SEVENTH WONDER DAMN IT!!!!


220.) Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme

Like every single Dying Fetus release. it's short, brutal, to the point, and awesome. I would even dare to say the best release of their career. Death Metal and Grindcore formed to make this Blasphemous band and I love it. And it's a great length (37 minutes) that makes me not want to change it half way through. Such killer *no pun intended* stuff!

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