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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
Hellyeah was up next and as I expected, They pretty much sucked. They killed any momentum that Sylosis had built up. Their vocalist, Chad Gray, is such an assclown that it made their set almost amusing. Seriously that guy has to be one of the biggest faux-tough guy douchers I've ever seen in my life. His rants to the crowd about metal, drinking, and "the cowboy attitude" were almost as painful as his feeble attempts at screaming. It's a shame because the music wasn't too bad at times, but the vocals and general douchebaggery from Gray killed their set. It was cool to see Vinnie Paul play live, but besides that Hellyeah was pretty fucking bad.
Thank you. They were fucking horrible. I don't know why everyone loved them, my friend and I kept yelling "HELL NO" throughout the set. I agree 100% with every single thing you said.
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