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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
That being said, if you refuse to pay $56 for 90 minutes, how do you justify Iron Maiden tickets?
That's easy... I don't.

I haven't seen Iron Maiden since Ozzfest 2005. And while my ticket was expensive ($100+) it was for my two favorite bands of the time (Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.) I haven't since, nor probably ever will, pay that much for a ticket again. I've wanted to see Iron Maiden since then, but a combination of costs, timing, and their set list has prevented it. (Really wanted to see IM for the Somewhere Back on Tour year though.)

The last time I saw Queenseryche, which was in 2009 (where I met es156! ), it was like $39-45 for the ticket and they played for two hours. And I didn't have to deal with hair metal openers
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