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Originally Posted by greenReaper View Post
I think A Living Breath Piece of Defecating Meat was played 2nd after The Carbon Stampede. Now for story time...

Basically I did as I normally do for a show this amazing. Got drunk and moshed for a few hours. I was hurting after the show but amped and buzzed, therefore talkative. As I was closing my tab I saw Travis chilling by his merch booth. I went over and said what's up, the proceeded to tell him that I did not buy any of their merch. He laughed and asked why, so i joked that I heard they'd already been killing it in merch sales. Then was honest and told him a ordered a few shirts during indiemerch store's black friday special, which I actually did do.

Anyways, we shot the shit for a few minutes then he asked if I had any medicinal aids. I told him I have a little bit back at my place but dont carry and invited them over. He asked if we had space for all 4 of them plus the merch guy, I told him sure and he became super appreciative. He asked if I could ride with them so I let my other ride leave and stayed back to help them load out. When we got in the van I told them I dont have much food so we went to a great burger place on the way home called the Vortex. Yes Travis and at least 1 other member ate veggie burgers, and yes i devoured a delicious beef burger right next to him. I was drunk and it was amazing.

Afterwards we went back to my place and chilled. Didn't rage too much, had a few beers, smoked a whooole lot that they actually supplied, and talked about metal. Talked about how much SFU sucked, the Barnes incident, how for some reason girls go to Cattle pits, etc etc. Let all the guys shower and gave em couches to sleep on. All of them were super greatful, nice guys. Cool way to end a badass show. Woke up round noon and showed them the way out.
This is so badass.
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