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Trans-Siberian Orchestra -- Wilkes Barre, PA -- November 25th, 2012

Set list:
01 Winter Palace (Instrumental)
02 Faith Noel (Instrumental)
03 The Lost Christmas Eve (Chris Pinnella)
04 Wizards in winter (Instrumental)
05 Christmas Dreams (Jay Pierce)
06 Christmas Nights in Blue (James Lewis)
07 Christmas Jam (Instrumental)
08 Siberian Sleigh Ride (Instrumental)
09 What is Christmas? (Rob Evan)
10 For the Sake of Our Brother (Erika Jerry)
11 The Wisdom of snow (Instrumental)
12 Wish Liszt (Instrumental)
13 Back to a Reason (Rob Evan)
14 What Child is This? (Rob Evan)
15 Christmas Canon Rock (All 4 Girls)
16 Different Wings (Georgia Napolitano)

17 The Mountain (Instrumental)
18 A Mad Russian's Christmas (Instrumental)
19 Dreams and Fireflies (On a Christmas Night) (Instrumental)
20 Moonlight and Madness (Instrumental)
21 Someday (Kayla Reeves)
22 Child Unseen (Kayla Reeves)
23 Requiem (The Fifth) (Instrumental)
24 This Christmas Day (James Lewis)
25 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) (Instrumental)

Chris Caffery - Guitars
Joel Hoekstra - Guitars
Dave Z - Bass
Jeff Plate - Drums
Derek Wieland - Keyboards
Luci Butler - Keyboards
Roddy Chong - Violin
Brian Hicks - Narrator

Got offered a free ticket last minute to see this show, I wanted to go anyway if only to see The Lost Christmas Eve stuff, since I really do love some of those songs and wanted to see them live. Rob Evan is easily one of my favorite singers and a hell of a nice guy to boot. I was also particularly impressed by Chris Pinnella's version of The Lost Christmas Eve, and it was great to hear James Lewis do Christmas Nights in Blue as well. The show was its usual grandiose spectacle with shitloads of lasers, pyro, and other assorted special effects. Sound-wise everything felt very castrated as usual, largely because of the use of an electronic drum kit. A bit long and tedious as usual, but a cool show nevertheless.
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