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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
I was surprised I didn't run into you actually, but like you said it was packed. I meant to text you to meet up, but I didn't because I suck Where were you during the show? I was up front on the left side of the stage during Sylosis and In Flames and I was in the back right by the ramp near the soundboard during Hellyeah and Lamb of God.
Yeah I was gonna text you too but didn't like an idiot. I was over by LOG and In Flames' merch for Sylosis and Hellyeah and moved to the floor on the right side front/middle for In Flames and Lamb of God. Of course never in the same area Glad you had a good time though, this show was nuts.

And yeah as expected, In Flames got a great response (all bands did), great to see. Sylosis were better than i expected, Hellyeah were more pathetic than I expected, In Flames were great as always, and Lamb of God were crazy. First time seeing them, and even though I think their material on record is just okay, they put on a ridiculous live show, and it was fun as hell. On the possibility of Sylosis playing Mayhem, I could totally see them being on there and getting pretty good responses at the shows, people were definitely into them last night.
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