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Originally Posted by insipidzombie View Post
01. Apocryphon
02. Freya
03. Hammer of Heaven
04. Codex Corvidae
05. Tres Brujas
06. Maiden, Mother, and Crone
07. Cloak of Feathers
08. The Hidden Masters
09. Dying Earth
10. To Take the Black
11. Seven Sisters
12. Eyes Of The Stormwitch
13. Arrows in the Dark
14. The Veil of Isis
15. Barael's Blade
16. Winter's Wolves
Fuck! I wish I had an opportunity to see them on this tour. Opening with Apocryphon and closing the main set with The Veil of Isis is pretty interesting - very 'The Sword-esque'. I hope that Arcane Montane will be added to the set at some point as well. I'm pleased to see that 'Eyes of the Stormwitch' is back.
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