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I thought hellyeah were really good live, and also I really like his vocals but, for me its the lyrics that kill the band, i mean I like some songs, and have no problem with bands being proud of where they are from, and writing "drinking songs" to a point, however this band is just too much for me. Their band name/over the top cowboy attitude/vast majority of their lyrics kill it for me, witch is a shame because their music itself if really good.

Also I concur with mastodon421, In Flames destroyed last night, and I dont get the complaints that iv seen going around, about them killing the energy, mabe we just really love them here in mass or somthing because I thought In Flames rivaled Lamb of God last night as far as intensity, and crowd movement. Then again I suppose following hellyeah is a very different dynamic then following hatebreed.
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