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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
They've gotten better over the years, but their security is a load of douchebags who don't let you sit down anywhere at all day festivals. There's no re-entry which is always a negative for any venue. The sound usually sucks. It's probably one of the hottest venues I've ever been to. Either them or Bottom Lounge are the worst venue in Chicago.
Bottomlounge would be my favorite venue if they allowed stagediving again I think. Their security are just assholes because they are so strict about it when people do it. Otherwise their security are generally really cool guys. During the rumble this year there I was talking to one of the guys who actually ended up warning me a few times when people were about to hit me.

HOB does get really hot but I've never had bad sound there. Re-entry really doesn't matter to me since I've never had to do it or care about it. HOB just needs more security for crowd surfers. I can see why HOB wouldn't let you sit anywhere though because when it gets packed there its almost hard to walk through though at the Miss May I show they were letting people sit on the floor in the back near the restrooms as long as they weren't blocking the bar entry.

Congress just ruins it because their security is the most unfriendly assholes ever. NO metal show should be there because security doesn't like metal shows anyway and when pits form and people crowd surf they don't like dealing with it. I saw them let people drop during All Stars Tour because the crowd surfers weren't completely still.
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