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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
I'm really behind on movies this year. I only feel strongly about five of my movies in my top ten. Also only been to the theater five times this year, which is, admittedly, more than most. Although I did see the same movie (Cabin in the Woods) twice in theaters. I wish the cheap movie theater in my town would open again. I saw way more movies when they were only four dollars a pop.

Also, can't wait for Django Unchained to come out.
I have seen 54 movies this year between the theater and DVD. As I've mentioned before on here, I have the luxury of having two of my best friends work at the movie theater closest to me so I'm able to get in for free most of the time (The only movies I've paid to see in theaters this year have been Contraband, American Reunion, The Avengers, The Dictator, Men In Black III, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Watch.) Being the movie nerd that I am, I always saw a lot of movies, Now I see more in theaters opposed to DVD because I can get in for free more often than not.

I also can't wait for Django Unchained. If it's as good as I think it's going to be, It should take the crown of being my favorite movie of 2012. I'm also looking forward to Jack Reacher, This is 40, Zero Dark Thirty (Although it's not opening wide until January) and The Hobbit in December.
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