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Carcariass - Sideral Torment

Symbolic with gutturals? That's a good way to describe this album (and this band, for that matter). They are one of the more overlooked bands in the French death metal scene, which is kinda surprising considering how good they are. Anyways, this album is a kickass piece of progressive/technical death metal. This album is bursting at the seams with guitar solos. Every song has at least one (usually two or three), but don't think this is all pointless showmanship. The songs have plenty of catchy, headbangable riffs and melodies. It never gets boring despite the high level of technicality displayed. As I mentioned earlier, there is a large amount of later-era Death influence present, especially in some of the riff choices and scales for the solos, though they mix it up with some neoclassical influences.

If you want a more old school take on tech-death that is free from any sort of modern trappings, give this album a spin!

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