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Originally Posted by hiddenzombie013 View Post
Wow, much better setlist than I expected. If they do a US tour and keep this set, I might have to fork out the big bucks for this. No Satisfaction though = fail.
I wouldn't fork over the money they're asking for this run of the mill set. Nothing out of the ordinary at all except for Out Of Control which is a great selection. Hearing Paint It Black live might be worth spending some money on but certainly not what they're asking for. I have no clue what the hell I Wanna Be Your Man and I'm Going Down are and i've been listening to the Stones since I was four.

As far as them not doing Satisfaction, I say good for them. They've got so many big hits that leaving one out doesn't hurt them at all. I'd love it if they dropped IORNR, HTW, TD and BS in favor of some lesser played hits like 19th Nervous Breakdown, One Hit To The Body, Rock And A Hard Place, As Tears Go By and Mother's Little Helper. But then again, maybe at their age they've forgotten how those songs go
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