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Sepultura- From The Past Comes The Storms
Megadeth- 502
Enslaved- Heimdallr
At The Gates- The Burning Darkness
Johnny Cash- I Still Miss Someone
The Beatles- I Feel Fine
Ramones- Listen To My Heart
Judas Priest- Victim of Changes (live)
Manowar- Fast Taker
The Beatles- Nowhere Man
Mastodon- Seabeast
Possessed- The Eyes of Horror
Deicide- When Satan Rules His World
Dead Kennedys- California Uber Alles
Neurosis- Lost
Mercyful Fate- A Corpse Without Soul
Judas Priest- Love Bites (live)
Iron Maiden- Sun & Steel
A Tribe Called Quest- Lyrics To Go
Motley Crue- Bastard
Nas- The World Is Yours
Beherit- Intro: Temple
Napalm Death- Pseudo Youth
Dismember- Skin Her Alive
Venom- Die Hard

only two repeats. I like it.
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