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Well, I was working at a different store that I occasionally fill in at. I get there and notice there's a bunch of guys in the company uniform that I've never seen before and they're all on their phones and in and out of the office. I go about my business for awhile and I hear one of the managers voices in the office so I assume he's in there doing paperwork or whatever. The other employees and managers are out on the floor but acting weird so I'm just thinking whatever.

Then two police officers come in, ask "Where is he?", and go into the office. A few minutes later I hear them reading him his rights and a few minutes after that they take him away in handcuffs. Once they left I tried to eavesdrop a bit and it turns out the company guys are from loss prevention and I hear the word steal a few times so I'm assuming he was stealing money from the company.

Interesting day.
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