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Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was...Death

Where do I begin with this...album.

This has to be, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the strangest, most outlandish pieces of music I have ever listened to. This album is one of those "one big song" albums (all of Devil Doll's music is), and it all comes from the deranged mind of a man simply known as Mr. Doctor. Categorizing this album into a specific genre is a chore in of itself. This album seamlessly shifts and morphs through so many different styles, ranging from classical, symphonic, progressive rock, gothic rock, heavy metal, avant-garde, and more. Yet it never sounds forced, instead contributing to the album's dark, unsettling, murky atmosphere. Of special note is Mr. Doctor's vocals. If you think Mike Patton had strange vocals, this guy is going to throw you in for a loop. I can't really describe how he sings, you just have to hear it for yourself. This entire album sounds like the soundtrack to a huge mind fuck, as synths, strings, and keyboards flutter in between heavy metal riffs.

This album isn't for everyone, and may take multiple listens to really sink in, but if it does, you will be rewarded with a great piece of art that was truly ahead of it's time (this was released in 1989).

The Girl Who Was...Death
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