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Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Holy shit. Yea, I shall conduct a Satanic virgin sacrifice for all of you who have to work retail. You are braver souls than I'll ever be.
I had to deal with people threatening to beat the shit out of me pretty much all day. At one point I closed a door and put a railing in front of it only to have a guy tell me to let him the fuck in. I told him no the door on the other side was open and I had to close this one and that's when he told me I should be lucky he doesn't beat my ass. My reply to him was "ok I'll be in the parking lot in a minute if you want to meet me there."

People also began hiding in the store about 8am for the 8pm deals and other were opening the shrink wrapped displays trying to buy stuff then complaining how they wouldn't ring up yet even though sales hadn't begun.

I also watched a woman yell at management and a cashier because Walmart would not accept her Target gift card.
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