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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post

While I like the new Van Halen for what it is, there is a clear difference between them and the bands you listed. Swans and Converge are still relevant because they change their sound and make records that sound new. A Different Kind of Truth is just a throwback album so it's not really relevant when you're discussing modern music. If The Seer and All We Love We Leave Behind were nothing but remakes of Children of God and Jane Doe your argument would be valid but that is not the case.
Relevance is a completely horseshit term made up by critics to slander a band that they never liked anyway. Hey, I always thought this band sucked, but now that the young people, who have shit taste anyway, don't like them anymore, I can just say they're irrelevant. I don't want bands to sound new. "Modern" sounds are what have been ruining music for the past however many years.
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