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I've only listened to ten EPs this year, so I'm just gonna review all them since they were all pretty okay to varying degrees.

10.) The End of the Ocean - In Excelsis

This EP from this post-rock band from Columbus just comes off as bland after hearing these songs live. I saw them twice this year (once with Alcest and once with If These Trees Could Talk) and absolutely loved them both times, so I bought their EP. My main gripe with it is its lack of the audio samples that they play live that conveyed the certain feelings in the songs. It's by no means a bad EP, but it just gets a little boring and the songs lack the same feeling that they have live.

The End of the Ocean - Star Crossed

9.) Disfiguring the Goddess - Sleeper

Big Chocolate is probably one of my favorite people, so I'm pretty much doomed to like anything he puts out and while this is no different, I also feel there are some major flaws to this that keeps it from being a really great EP. Mainly, there are way more keyboards featured than a slam death release should have and most of them feel out of place. DTG has always had electronics present in the background, but this release shows them moving up to the foreground quite often. There's also something off with the guitar tone in the song Daughter of Depths that just bugs the shit out of me. But make no mistake if this type of music is your thing, then there's plenty of good here for you. Big Chocolate's vocals are as guttural as ever and the slams are heavy as fuck and that's pretty much all you can ask for from something like this.

Disfiguring the Goddess - Sleeper

8.) Revocation - Teratogenesis

I wasn't really the biggest fan of their last album, Chaos of Forms, and this EP seems to pretty much follow along the same path as that one. It's full of the overly technical goodness that makes Revocation themselves, but at times gets too melodic for my tastes. When it's good, it's really fuckin' good. When it's not it borders on boring, while never quite reaching it, it does stray dangerously close. There are certain moments I like in all the songs like the riff in The Grip Tightens or the solo in Maniacally Unleashed or the vocal performance in Teratogenesis, but none of the songs are singularly great.

Revocation - Maniacally Unleashed

7.) Cypress Hill & Rusko - Cypress x Rusko

First of all, I do like dubstep. Both my roommates are into it a lot and it's pretty much the only music we can all agree on, so it's playing frequently at my house. Anyway, I think this release is special because it combines the intensity of dubstep with the flows of Cypress Hill's music. It's a great combination that really works with this release. Of all the DJs out there, Rusko was a great choice for Cypress Hill's style because he was around before dubstep's burst into the media and has more of a chill style to his beats than a lot of artists than lean more towards brostep.

Cypress Hill & Rusko - Lez Go

6.) Massacre - Condemned to the Shadows

While this EP doens't even top ten minutes, it's stil eight minutes of pounding old-school death metal. Condemned to the Shadows more closely resembles the quality of death metal classic, From Beyond than their critically panned second release, Promise. I haven't looked at the lyrics, but from what I've caught the lyrics for Back From Beyond are pretty much all self-referencing to the band's history which I think is pretty cool. This would be higher up in this list if it were more than two songs long. To quote some dude at Central Illinois Metalfest where I saw Massacre, "Massacre! Bad as fuck! Rick Rozz, you bad as fuck!" Bad, meaning good in this case.

Massacre - Back From Beyond

Feedback, taunts, shit-talking would all be appreciated. I'll get to the last five as I have time.
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