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My "Can't Think of Anything Witty for the Title" 2012 thread

I've now listened to over 100 albums in 2012, so I've decided to just wrap up listening to the rest that I already have on my computer and cut my losses. There's still a bunch of releases that I haven't got to yet that I should, but ya can't listen to everything...unless you're MPF.

So I'm just gonna start this thing. I'll probably do EPs, top 50 albums, top songs and a few live shows worth mentioning. That's my goal at least.

Well, fuck, here it goes...
8/1 October 31
8/5 Foreseen ?
8/8 Bongripper
8/14 Gravehill
8/26 Turnstile
9/4 Origin
9/5 Bat
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