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1. Dawn of the Dead (1978) - George A Romero’s best zombie flick IMO. It’s a great zombie movie and a statement about society’s consumer culture at the same time.
2. Zombi II (aka Zombie) - The infamous shark v. zombie scene plus the close up of the wood stake going into the girl’s eye; how can you go wrong.
3. 28 Days Later - Some don’t care for it, but I think it did some great new things and revitalized the genre in a lot of ways.
4. Day of the Dead - Scientists trying to train zombies in an underground army base in Florida. Like all of Romero’s ‘of the Dead’ movies, this is another statement on the human condition.
5. Night of the Living Dead - The first Romero zombie film and begins his critique’s on American society via the undead. Many see it as a statement about the Vietnam war and racism.
6. 28 Weeks Later - This sequel to 28 Days Later is set in the same world and is again a different kind of twist on the standard zombie story. This one is packed with really good actors too.
7. Shaun of the Dead - My favorite zombie parody movie, it hits all the beats you want to see and is hilarious the whole way through.
8. Dawn of the Dead (2004) - The best zombie film remake yet. The effects and acting in this one are great.
9. Shock Waves - I think this is the first nazi-zombie movie and Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars) is in it too.
10. Dead Alive (aka Braindead) - Peter Jackson’s insane gore-filled thrill ride. Forget Lord of the Rings, this is Jackson’s best movie.

Other recommendations:
Tombs of the Blind Dead - Old school spanish zombie film that the band Hooded Menace uses as inspiration for their music, lyrics and artwork.
The Gates of Hell trilogy (City of the Living Dead / The Beyond / The House by the Cemetery) - Lucio Fulci’s cult trilogy that is packed with gory murders and zombie hordes.
Zombieland - Really funny take on the zombie genre. The Bill Murray cameo is hilarious. A little too cute for it's own good at times.
Burial Ground - To quote from Wikipedia: “an adult dwarf playing a child in an incestuous relationship with his mother”, need I say more?

I love the Evil Dead movies, but never really thought of them as zombie movies for whatever reason.
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