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42. Overkill - The Electric Age

The inspiration behind my "Ironbound effect" theory, Overkill have released yet another album full of speed and aggression. Good? More than good for most I'm sure. However, this time around, the 'comeback' effect had been mitigated, and what was left was certainly quality material, albeit not up to the standard previously set. The Electric Age has awesome moments, starting exactly from "Drop The Hammer Down" and extending all the way until the closer "Good Night". The first half of the album is not as exciting, although not bad. At the end of the day though, this simply does not live up to its predecessor. As I said earlier, it could be that it's just more of the same and it's almost expected. Mind you I'm not trying to rag on Immortalis, for that was a decent album, but I don't really consider it the true return to form. I'm sure most have heard this by now, but if not, do so. It's certainly worth the time.

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