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There has been an album added to my list, so I'm just going to go on from what I see in my spreadsheet. It's not that hard to understand that everything beneath this post and onwards should be dropped one spot. That being said, I'll continue.

43. Lillian Axe - XI: The Days Before Tomorrow

Another hard rock band out there amongst the mediocrity. And with a name like that, it's pretty hard to think of them positively, at least initially. However I'm glad I overcame even my own initial bias and gave a few songs a listen. They are by no means an excellent band, but they manage to differentiate themselves enough to warrant attention. These hard rock songs aren't exactly as 'mainstream' sounding as other songs (not that that's always bad, but I digress), and the band has solid songwriting skills. Even the bonus track is interesting, given it has no drums and is very...atmospheric to a degree. All in all it's a good album with a few bugs. Give it a spin if you desire.

"Death Comes Tomorrow" -

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