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S.O.D. to tour in early 2013 under 'United Forces'

This is unconfirmed, so please do not take this as a guarantee.

I'm part of a group on Facebook for members of the Bay Area metal community. About ten minutes ago, an organizer (same one that organized the Autopsy/Ghoul show I went to on my birthday this past summer) posted that S.O.D. are coming to the Bay in February, but under the name of 'United Forces'. Milano seems to be part of this.

Apologies in advance if this turns out to be bullshit. I don't think it is, but hey, I'm just a silly Russian.

Edit: The line-up will be as follows:

Billy Milano (S.O.D. / M.O.D.)
Dan Lilker (S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Anthrax, etc)
Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir, Testament, Lock-Up, etc)
Anton Reisenneger (Lock-Up, Pentagram chile)

February 27th in Modesto, CA and February 28th in Oakland, CA.
8/27 Metallica
9/24 Beirut
10/5 Cynic
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/22 The Vaccines

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