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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Finally! Someone else talking about this show! It's probably my favorite show on TV right now.

I'm so disappointed that Karen Gillan is leaving the show. I liked her character, not to mention her ungodly attractiveness. I thought the fifth season was really hit or miss, but I thought the sixth was really strong, minus one or two episodes. The first four episodes of this current season have all been really entertaining. I haven't watched the fifth one yet, but I imagine another one with The Angels will be awesome.
DUDE! It's so awesome, on tier with Breaking Bad in amazing-ness. I'm the only one who watches it other than my one friend who suggested it to me. No one is interested or wants to, but the 2nd season is just amazing.

Also on Doctor Who, season 5 was pretty mediocre and season 6 was just bad other than a few episodes. The past 5 episodes were entertaining for sure, more than most episodes of season 6 and the angles one was great and heart wrenching. I like Smith a lot, but no where as much as Eccleston and Tennant.

Also need to start watching Torchwood. I am starting Boardwalk Empire and Dexter.
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