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Originally Posted by makethemsuffer12 View Post
It depends on the environment. In a small venue, yeah, I'm sure they're incredible, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll translate as well in amphitheaters or arenas, which I am sure is the environment that most detractors have seen them in.

I for one saw them open for SOAD in an amphitheater, and while I thought they were entertaining, I wasn't blown away or anything.
I saw them at Knotfest as well and thought it was the best show of the night! Not only did they sound amazing, but the singer was completely full of energy and ran all over the stage.

Please let a tour with them and AIC happen!
Aces High, my #1 favorite vocal performance EVER has been TIED with the opening part on The Red And The Black! I NEVER thought that would happen! WOW!
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