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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
How about you stop worrying about the bands you hate and just worry about the bands you like,because there's nothing you or anyone else can do or say that will make me change my mind about the music I like.I like BvB,and I'm not afraid to admit it,so you really need to stop trying to insult me because of what music I like.
Did you notice that when he posted about you losing all credibility, he put an lol smiley after it which should let you know he was just joking around. There's no need to be that defensive since that's all it was. But you've gotta know when you come on to a board like this and express your undying love for all things glam metal that people are gonna give you a hard time about that. Also, not once has anybody told you on here what you should like and what you shouldn't. If you can't handle the members here joking around with you, which they do a lot by the way, maybe you should just not bother coming here. But if you weather the storm that the new members get from the seasoned ones and find your place here, everything will be just fine for you.

Back on topic, is it for sure that King Diamond will have a new album in 2013?

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