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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
If that's the glam metal sound then AC/DC is glam metal then, right? I mean they have huge, anthem-like choruses and shredding guitars I never considered Hysteria and Andrenalize as glam at all. They certainly went more mainstream sounding on those albums but it wasn't glam it was more pop rock. I'll defend until my dying breath that Def Leppard isn't glam. In fact, maybe i'll have that written on my tombstone

It's strange, I grew up in the 80s watching MTV all the time and seeing all these bands videos played. Yet, til this day i've never been clear on what exactly glam metal is supposed to be? I always thought it was a label for a band like Poison and others that were like them. In fact whenever I read the words glam metal, Poison is always the first band that pops in my head.
What I was saying is that most glam metal bands have those things in common,I didn't say that if you have those characteristics that you are a glam metal band,at least I didn't mean to say that.Poison is definitely what comes to my mind when I hear or see the word "glam" though.If you want a clearer definition on what glam metal is,I think you should look it up.
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