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Dio Disciples -- Allentown, PA -- November 20th, 2012

01 Killing the Dragon
02 Holy Diver
03 Egypt (The Chains are On)
04 Stargazer
05 Push
06 The Last in Line
07 Stand Up and Shout
08 Don't Talk to Strangers
09 Lord of the Last Day / All the Fools Sailed Away
10 Catch the Rainbow / Kill the King
11 The Mob Rules
12 Long Live Rock and Roll
13 Man on the Silver Mountain
14 Heaven and Hell

15 This is Your Life
16 Rainbow in the Dark
17 We Rock

Fun show, sound was absolutely awful though. Incredibly loud and distorted, mics were feeding back all night long. "Push" was almost unlistenable, they might as well have not even played it. Craig Goldy's guitar sound was incredibly bright, it didn't even sound like he was playing any notes, just metallic noise. Nevertheless, the band put on a solid show.
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