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Originally Posted by hinder5050 View Post
honestly i am not looking forward to wrestlemania because of the big names. which i think you mean former wwe stars. wwe has a lot of talent right now and easily could put together a good wrestlemania without former stars but they are just to lazy and not using them right.
They're afraid to take a chance with anyone or anything. That's why they keep bringing the big names back for mania. They need to stop relying on the old names so much come wrestlemania time and see if the current roster can draw some money without help from the past stars. Bringing back past stars doesn't solve any long term problems with the current on screne product. They need to write better storylines and create more interesting characters. Even with the show being PG, if they do that with the current roster, which does have a lot of talent, they could draw a good wrestlemania buyrate without help from the past. But Vince doesn't want to take that chance and would rather just take the money that the old guys will help bring in.

As much as I love The Undertaker and the streak, or as much as I would love to see Austin go at it with Punk, the old guys coming back for one shot deals doesn't do anything to improve the product for the future. Having the current roster pull off a good to great wresltmania this year without any help from the old guys will help the current state of the WWE out a lot more in the long run.