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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I saw Deftones during Knotfest and took pictures right in front of the guard rail for the first 3 songs for them. After that I went immediately to the side stage to wait for Lamb Of God, Deftones while they try to put on a good show....their songs make it boring. Their show is not bad for those who enjoy them, but a guy like me just finds it very boring.
Deftones sucked live between their self titled album until Diamond Eyes. Chino finally cleaned up his act and now they are better than ever. They are better in a club/theatre setting compared to a amphitheater/arena.

One reason they do not always go over well is that their sound doesn't exactly fit in with most bands. They are a band one usually loves or hates. If you aren't a fan of the music you probably won't be a fan of them live either. I still think they are the best alternative-metal band whether that be live on in the studio. Regardless, the Deftones touring with AiC comment was just that, don't get your hopes up for BlackDiamondSkye part 2 although it is slightly possible.
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