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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
There are probably going to be a lot of great albums, but I'm only focused with things on release dates so far. At this point I'm most excited for the new Helloween and Holy Grail records. Helloween is coming off of their best record since Keepers Pt. II and Holy Grail is just a killer band that I hope can be consistent with their new album.
Agreed on Helloween, 7 Sinners was phenomenal. I dunno if I'd place it higher than Time of the Oath, but it's certainly more consistent. If they can keep the momentum going then Helloween are gonna enter an amazing late period rennaissance. As for Holy Grail, I feel like their live energy hasn't been captured in the studio well yet, and I've got a gut feeling that Ride the Void won't remedy that situation. I truly hope that my gut is wrong though!
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