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Megadeth -- Niagara Falls, NY -- November 17th, 2012

Good show at Rapids theater in the Falls the other night. I love what the new owners have done with the place. Great place for a concert. Got there a little after 7 and the place was packed wall to wall already. The openers Kyng came on soon after. Played until 8. Kind of a little sludge and a little groove mixed together. Never heard their stuff before. Not bad.

Next of course was Megadeth. They came on and kicked ass as they always do. I was really looking forward to this because CTE is my favorite album of theirs after RIP. Getting to hear 6 songs I've never heard them do was a big treat for me. They sounded perfect and I thought the video screens were a cool touch. Dave had a couple of his usual, wacky diatribes. The crowd was great all night. Pretty well behaved for a Megadeth show too. Everything from CTE got great reaction, especially the well known stuff. Not really complaining, but the set was about 3 or 4 songs shorter than other sets I've seen. I don't know if they were in a rush or what. They were done by 10. That's the earliest time I've left a concert after the headliner was done. Great show.

1. Trust
2. Hangar 18
3. Public Enemy No. 1

Countdown to Extinction
4. Skin o' My Teeth
5. Symphony of Destruction
6. Architecture of Aggression
7. Foreclosure of a Dream
8. Sweating Bullets
9. This Was My Life
10. Countdown to Extinction
11. High Speed Dirt
12. Psychotron
13. Captive Honour
14. Ashes in Your Mouth

15. Peace Sells
16. Holy Wars... The Punishment
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