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I was at this show too. Fucking AMAZING! All of the bands were on fire. I only caught half of Sylosis, but they sounded really damn good, I was impressed. I will have to give them a listen. Hatebreed was just nuts. The energy was off the wall, and everyone seemed to know the words all of their songs (I didn't know much from them).

I also have to agree with you on In Flames. All of the reviews I read of this tour said that IF was weak, and brought the energy down. Not the case here whatsoever. People didn't really move the first couple songs, but when Reroute to Remain came on, it got pretty crazy again. I also thought IF sounded "better" than Hatebreed, even though the latter had more energy for sure. I didn't have any problems with their set.

And of course Lamb of God. This was my first time seeing them, and they have become one of my favorites over the past year. Their set did not disappoint in the slightest, as the place almost literally turned into a battleground for the remainder of the night. It was nearly impossible to simply stand still, no matter where you were in the pit. When they played Ruin, it was probably the most I have ever feared for my own safety at a show. Elbows and people were flying everywhere. I crowd surfed too and it was fun! Randy and the rest of the band sounded spot on, and their new production was pretty cool. I have a ton of bruises, and it was totally worth it. One of the 10 best bands I saw all year. This was also probably the best package tour I saw all year too. Amazing show overall.

Sylosis: 8/10
Hatebreed: 8.5/10
In Flames: 8.5/10
Lamb of God: 9.25/10

Btw this was my first time seeing any of these bands.
12/15 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
2/4 - Gojira/Devin Townsend
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