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44. Delain - We Are The Others

Summary: Female fronted power metal that is acceptable. A lot of those kinds of bands are overshadowed by the two titans in that respective subsection, Nightwish and Epica. While I'd relate Delain more to Within Temptation, they manage to hold their own and have a variety of factors that makes them stand out a bit. This album is all around average, except the recurring factor of monotony makes this album rank less than its competitors. Once in a while, this is a great listen to get a different angle form this saturated market. It also needs to be mentioned that this is a step up from 'April Rain' too. Hopefully their next release steps up their game to a higher level. Nevertheless, there are some stellar tracks on this album. Definitely worth a listen. At this point in the list, the albums will warrant some attention, at the listener's discretion.

"Where Is The Blood" feat. Burton C. Bell -

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